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A few of the nice fings wot people have said:-

"You nailed the slow build-up of tension really well. I mean, something always felt weird in the back of my head as I was playing through this, but the twist still caught me off guard!"

"Really loved this game! Such a gem with a wonderful story and fantastic voice acting. Glad I came across it!"

"Welcome to A Walk in the Park, which as is no surprise from the name, a walking simulator! But this is one of the best walking simulators I have ever played."

"It was a really great experience!"

"Really nice game, terrific story, great voice acting, good humor on top of a good horror game. Very enjoyable. The park is also beautiful."

"...the voice acting is very well done, really drawing you into the story and helping you learn more about the personalities of the characters."

"There’s a lot more going on beneath the surface of A Walk in The Park than first meets the eye."

"Wow. Just... wow. At first I thought we were just going on a nice ramble while our friend bored us with jokes, but that uneasiness kept on creeping up the further into the countryside we got. And what a pay off at the end, excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was a great experience! Keep up the amazing work =)"


Something terrible happened. Now you're not sure...not sure about anything. Your friend invites you on a hike. Fresh air, trees, hills, river, it might be just what you need, it might help. You doubt it, but...it might.

You arrive at the park. Spring rain seems to put a damper on the day before it starts. You sit in your classic rust bucket rain pattering the bodywork. The park isn't even open for visitors yet. Then your friend calls your mobile. He can't make it, oh great. You're on your own but he'll guide you, it'll be fine. Things are just getting better and better. Well at least the rain has stopped...


"A Walk In The Park" is a short, first person, story-based experience often referred to as a walking simulator (that's a terrible name for a genre BTW). There's nice scenery, original music and the sun's shining. All is right with the world, how lovely. So why do you start to feel a little uneasy? What's really going on?

You should finish the game in one sitting. It really shouldn't take you more than 1hr.


V1.32 released. This contains improved sound and volume sliders plus a couple of bug fixes and some tweaks suggested by the community e.g. I fixed the place where @GloomyKassie got stuck. Thanks heaps to all who've played it and provided feedback, you're all very jolly nice!


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